Seaside is a small fashion label based in The Netherlands which is founded in 2017. We come from a small city in Zeeland which is called Middelburg.

The Brand Seaside is standing for ‘Never forget where you come from’ , where it all started or from where you came op till the person you are now a days.


Nazario de Fretes Founder of Seaside Fashionlabel.
My Story :

‘ I come from Middelburg its a small city in Zeeland, The Netherlands. It is a city full of young talents. My talent was playing soccer. When i was 8 years i decided to left my local football club and move on to another one, a professional club based in Rotterdam. From that day until now all the people of my neighbourhood are very proud of me. But they always said : ‘ Never forget us, Never forget where you come from’

Everyone can be a dreamchaser! Work hard & Stay Humble.


All the items we sell are high quality, we want the best for our customers.
Everything is made with love and passion.

Welcome to Seaside Fashionlabel.

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